How We Grow


At FulBuschel Farm and Produce LLC, we grow our vegetables using all organic practices, never using harmful chemicals. We approach farming with the intention of preserving the vitality of the soil, aiming to replenish it using composting, low tillage, practicing permaculture methods, intercropping and of course, never spraying!

We believe in complete transparency in how we grow our crops, and what goes into everything we do from planting, to harvest, all the way until it gets into your hands. You should know where your food comes from, and we would love to help with that! Thank you for your support, and we’re looking forward to a bountiful year.

FulBuschel Farm and Produce



Quinton Babusch and Chelsey Fulbright make up FulBuschel Farm and Produce LLC. We are a two-person owned and operated diversified CSA, wholesale and market farm out of Geneva, Illinois.

FulBuschel Farm and Produce was established in January of 2018


NEW in 2019

Compost Collection Service!