Garlic Sprouts and First Field Walks

It is GO-WEEK! WOW! We had a great meeting tonight. We discussed our newest collaborative partnerships, hashed out some details and we feel so good moving forward into this new expansion. We have an intense week ahead, and truly, they're going to be like this from here on out until the season is over, so it's reassuring to know we're heading into this one with a great deal of positive momentum, traction and grit. It's all happening. Learning to communicate and plan effectively has been a game-changer for us as a team! I’m so stinkin’ proud of us! We broke down each day into feasible chores and tasks, and told ourselves no hard deadlines (unless there is an absolute deadline out of our control) and that we will keep chugging along (in joy!) while we continue to learn, grow, advance and expand. Coolness.

This is the most fulfilling job I've ever had, and sometimes I forget the magnitude of helping to create this from LITERALLY NOTHING. Just an idea. But oh, what an idea we ran with! Why? Because we felt the call, we felt the pull. YES! And now I'm grinding to make it the most efficient it can be, make it my best work every single day. Who knows, if I wanted it bad enough, I could turn this into a full time gig. (Did she just throw that out into the universe? YOU BET SHE DID!!) All I know is this has become an intimately woven piece of my overall fabric of life, and I love being co-owner of FulBuschel! May our futures be bright and our hearts and bushels always be FULL! 

We've got a lot coming up, and it's incredibly satisfying, as well as (humanly) nerve-wracking, exciting and a little scary, but mostly extremely wonderful. I had only dreamed of this just over a year ago, and since about 2015 ~ and now here it is. It's messy and it's hard and I cry a lot during it, but I've never EVER loved a job, a service, a platform for advocating real change, more than being a farmer of my own crops. A steward of the land with my own journalistic flair. An agricultural journalist of sorts, as well as a farm hand, a saleswoman and a brand ambassador. And my favorite: a teacher of positive manifestations & living well through food and conscious living.  I am a modern female farmer. I’m extremely proud of my innate skill for tending to this land. It makes me so happy when someone tells me about their experience as FulBuschel Foodies (our awesome supporters, I know it’s totally dorky, but we all love it and we want you to join in on the fun!)

Thank you for being on this journey with me!!! Thank you for all your support and warmth!! Tomorrow we plan to insulate the greenhouse - and this week we START MOVING PLANTS OVER to the greenhouse from our at-home germination setup. We are stoked. Last year on this day we were in the greenhouse and seeding, actually. It's funny, I don't feel the FOMO (fear of missing out) at all, because I feel like I'm exactly where I should be, and with that I feel comfortable listening and responding to nature and letting the natural flow of things take over. Oh, but yes, best believe we are BOTH itching to begin. It's amazing, this agitation I feel toward the end of winter. I just want to be outside, feel the warm air kiss my skin, dig my toes into some mud and just run around! I've been getting out more and more, and today I took a field walk for the first time since December, and I was just in awe of last year's plots. I could see how we came to a standstill around the end of the season, we were beat! So some T-posts remain standing in the tomato patch, and row cover lies wrinkled along a fence line. But, I also see unpicked leeks sending out new green… wow! I see kale plants just barely hanging on, but mmm, with that I also see some delicious feed for the soil once we till. I see garlic sprouts. GARLIC!!!!!!!! (That means ramps are on their way ~~~~ side note hehe)

I see the herb spiral we created, just ready to come back to life, I could feel it.

I could just feel it in my bones. And then I found a bone! To which I then placed in my bone mailbox. More on that later. (Support your local weirdo farmer?)

It felt good to be outside. I took a mile run when I got home to seal the deal. Yep, it was a good day.

I examined the fields, the plots within it. I saw where the highest ground is, where the low spots are; and if I didn't physically see them, my wet feet surely told me what was what! I stood on the berm facing East and just visualized, as I've done for two seasons now. I visualized the abundance and the joy and the purpose.

I felt renewed. This is why I farm. Constant change, constant loving renewal. 

All is well.
Let's giddy up.
We’ve got this!!!!!!


Farmer Chelsey